Access Control Systems

Access Control systems regulate who or what can access sensitive or confidential information in a computing environment. There are two forms of access control; logical which limits access to computer networks, data, and system files; and physical which limits access to certain buildings, rooms, and areas with IT assets. Our devices will properly identify people and verify their identity through an authentication process so they can be held accountable for their actions. Access control systems record and timestamp all communications and transactions so that access to systems can be examined at later dates.


Protecting Business Assets

There’s more than just physical property that businesses need to protect. Access control safeguards your company's sensitive information and conceptual property.


Monitor Employee Activity

With keyless entry systems you can keep track of employee activities such as in and out times, and durations spent in specific areas.


Digitally Manage Access

Decrease security threats by limiting walk-in traffic. Control access for certain times and areas and eliminate false alarms by disarming intrusion sensors upon authorized entry.



Access control regulates authorized access to personal information and operates in adherence to Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act regulations.