With over 75 years of industry experience, Armored Access has built our business through the trust and confidence of all our clients past, present, and future. We are born and raised in Buffalo and are devoted to serving the Western New York area with security and protection that falls second to none. We take pride in Buffalo as the City of Good Neighbors and we’re committed to keep it that way.


At home Watch over the things that matter most, your loved ones. Rest easy knowing that your family, home, and possessions are covered by Armored Alarm  surveillance. We know where your home is most vulnerable and show you exactly how to protect it. We will give you a free home analysis and explain how our services can be customized for your home.

At Your Business At Armored Alarm we understand better than anyone how important your business is to you. Our surveillance helps to provide your business with protection from break-ins, theft, employee misconduct, unauthorized entry, and insurance liability. Let us show you how our business surveillance helps keep your company on the path of success.